Tavelio, the App to share tips and travel impressions with your friends (only)!

Key Features:

You like to share your best tips (only) with your friends and not with everyone?

You want to find your friends’ best tips for locations you want to visit?

You want to see your friends’ favorite locations and cities?

You like nice travel pictures?

You would like to post a joint trip report with friends?

You want to know if a friend has been to a place on your bucket list?

You like to see all your visited countries and places on a map?

These are just some of the reasons why we built Tavelio!


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New features

new features

Visited Countries

Under “Visited countries” you can see all the countries on a world map for which you have placed a tip or rated a place. You will also see the percentage of countries you have already visited.

new features

Compare Preferences

If you tap on a friend’s profile picture on their page, you can see how your travel preferences differ.

About Us

The idea for Tavelio was born because I am passionate about travelling and getting to know other cultures, beautiful places and wonderful landscapes.

I have repeatedly found out after a trip that friends could have given me a great tip or I had tips for my friends’ destinations. Tips that you don’t want to share with everyone on the net, but you do want to share them with your friends.

Since I love beautiful photos, they are also an essential element of Tavelio.

If only 20 friends enter 25 tips each, you already have 500 cool tips. So recommend Tavelio to your friends. I hope I can inspire you with my passion!

Peter GernerPeter@Tavelio.com